Friday, October 3, 2008

Party at my house

Party like a rock-star. While not original it worked. I decided to host a little party with the group at my house. The theme was to dress like a rock star. Everyone came over and we totally started "having fun". Very low key, nothing over the top, I found some shot glasses that had blinky lights but nothing crazy. However the group totally went at it and not even an hour into everyone seemed pretty drunk.

I made the fatal mistake of busting out the 190 proof everclear!!! I didn't think anyone would really drink the stuff, I mean come on, everyone knows that crap is legal poison sold in a liquor store. Well a few people enjoyed the stuff and one person really enjoyed it and had a shitty night because of it. I freaked out a little (probably because I was drunk) but for good reason damn it! Everywhere I or my family has lived, neighbors have HATED us. I don't know wh)y, we are cool and don't do anything shady, no parties or anything. Maybe we are just too out there? Anyways I wanted everyone to be quite so the neighbors don't get mad and start to hate me. I know I will only be here for a few months but still...

Anyways I'm pissed because I didn't take pictures, I know I can't grab photo's off my camera right now but I should still take pictures, and I will now try to.

Oh and I totally have a new appreciation for the house I live in. Everyone thought it was sweet, with a "secret" room and what not. (Now called the Morocian room) I thought the house was already sweet, well it turns out there has been some campfire like circle with a fire pit hiding in the jungle called a backyard. (Discovered the next day while the roommate and I cleared the jungle with masheti things)

For sure I got the party spot... Damn my neighbors are going to hate me. :(

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