Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Cities = Slow Going

I find it odd that things seem to move faster back home in Fresno, California. See in D.C. I don't have a car, while this is very very green, it's annoying! I love walking places so that doesn't bother me most of the time, but riding and waiting for the damn bus does! At home, if I got the urge to go do something, I would be up and out of my seat in less than a minute and be down the road.

Here I have to walk down the street. Wait at the bus stop for 1 minute to 45 minutes! Then get off the bus and get onto the metro. Then get off the metro and either walk or get on another bus. It takes freaken forever to get anywhere or do anything. I am either late or too early. There area I live in (Cheverly, MD) has NOTHING near by besides a 7-Eleven and a supposed gas station. Sooo I have to walk VERY far or ride the damn bus somewhere. Still don't know how to ride the bus to the store and it sucks.


I needed to badly get my haircut and redyed. I dyed my hair from bright insane blue to black, and I didn't do a great job going to black. I made an appointment to get my hair at 5. So at 3 I left for the bus and the metro. I got off at the station and I had 55 minutes. I grabbed something to eat and chilled until 5. Then I had to wait 45 damn minutes tell the guy even got to me. I decided to get the color touched up, so another 30 minutes. While washing out my hair he soaked the entire back of my shirt!! Another 15 minutes. By the time I got home it was almost 9. :-|

My Hair

Why does everything take so long here....

I think I would kill for a bike, anyone want to buy me one!?

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