Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting Settled

I have been in DC for one week now. I'm getting settled in at my new place. My roommates are very nice and everything is great. Except, the heat! It's hot here, not as hot as Fresno, but really humid! Fresno, Ca is basically a desert in the summer. Very hot and dry, but here, it looks like the mountains but feels like the rain forest. (I've been to a rain forest before)

Today I finally went to the store and got some food. I've been on the starvation diet most of this week. I don't have a car so walking is my new form of transportation, that is, when there is no bus or metro. It was a very long two mile walk. Not too bad on the way there, warm but I was going down hill. The way back however, with 40 pounds of groceries, was NOT fun. There was one very steep hill. I've been wanting to go hiking for years now, never did and this is similar I imagine. Yet, I wanted to go to the nice cool Sierra Mountains, not a damn rain forest. Anyways, I have some food now and I don't want to do that grueling walk again!!

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