Friday, September 26, 2008

End of Week Two

It's Friday and I awoke to find a very cloudy and raining morning. I definitely didn't mind the rain since we mostly watched movies today. We watched An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gores movie. Today was actually my first time ever seeing the movie, which often surprises people.

Why haven't I seen it before?

Well to be honest I knew I would know all the information already. Yes, that is big headed of me. I knew the movie would just piss me off! It's no secret that the U.S. hasn't done enough to combat Global Warming and that's why I'm mad. Anyways, we watched it and I of course didn't learn anything new! However, it didn't make me that mad, and that's because I AM doing something about it. In fact, in two weeks I will be in Delaware working on a campaign called Project Hot Seat info and working very directly towards fixing the problem.

What did make me mad was the complete bullshit film they made us watch afterwards!

An Inconvenient Truth or Convenient Fiction?

It was some Global Warming Denial film and honestly it was such crap. Very vague and nonsensical, using extremely non-convincing "claims". Point being, the film tries to make people think scientists don't really know what's going on with Global Warming, when the truth is they do! We are killing the planet and we're going to be totally screwed if we don't do anything about it and fast! Anyone can see for themselves here, thousands of scientist from around the world have compiled thousands of pages of text and books. What does it all say? That we are totally fucked if we don't do something to reverse or stop Global Warming. Honestly people. We NEED our government to act!

Ok back to the point. After we watched the movies are advisors let me determine how we should discus the movie. I broke everyone up into two groups and had everyone search online to see where this "organization", (Pacific Research Institute) and this idiot guy (Steve Hayward) in the film was getting it's money from. What do you know! ExxonMobile... hmm. What a shocker.

I just don't get it. Why would oil companies try to hide the severity of Global Warming from us? When trust me, in fact they have gone through great lengths to. Why don't oil companies spend all their money on investing into renewables right now. That way they can be the first and biggest in the game. People won't hate them, well after a name change, at least. They could dominate the energy world, just, with ultra-clean and renewable energy. I just don't get the strategy. They can be just as rich if they beat everyone to the race! Instead they play some kind of game with us (the public) and hurt the environment.

I'll tell you this, they will be making NO money if the planet is thrown into complete and utter chaos by environment damage that can't be reversed.

Big Oil = Horribly Flawed Business Plan


Anonymous said...

i could just imagine...well this all seems entersting...hope everything works out in Delaware!

Cory said...

I think Inconvenient Truth was extremely useful not for the new things I learned (some, but not much) but for the vivid way it illustrates what's going on. You hear numbers like "a billion dollars" or "climate changing faster than at any period in history" and you just can't conceive of it until it's drawn on a big board. Visualization of the concepts is key, and helps when talking to other people.. if you can make them picture the same thing you saw, you can convince them.