Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am here!

So I am in DC and I FINALLY have a decent internet connection. I've been at this hotel for 2 days now and the internet has barely worked half the time. I finally routed the connection to my person server and bam! Now it works great... Why I don't know. (Way more secure this way)

It has been a hectic few days. I landed in Dulles Airport and made the HUGE mistake of staying in the area. I had to take a rip-off-taxi ride to and from the way far away metro stop. Very bad idea. It would have been cheaper to check into a much nicer and better hotel near a metro and in the city.

Now I am in the city and close enough to the metro but this hotel is costing me a lot of money every night!! I can't afford to stay here any longer. I've meet and talked to a few cool people about moving into a few places, but it looks like I will have to wait a few more days. I should have booked a bed in a hostel. Looks like everything is booked until Thursday. Damn this blows, I feel like I am bleeding out money! Some one get me a damn band-aid.

More to come tomorrow. Stay here or try for a hostel?

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